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무석 がんばって。

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Everyone on twitter is talking about Yunho’s long hair and they’ve posted pics of Changmin and Jae with long hair as well. Sadly I think Junsu only had long hair once in the Triangle era.  Yoochun had some beautiful long hair moments though; especially from The Masked Fencer.

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140915 - 10 Year history of the mainstream music industry: Top 10 Best Hit Songs & 190 songs chosen year by year.

Compilation of the hit tracks year by year - in Korean alphabetical order, total of 190 songs (Chosen from the Top 100 of the Melon, Genie Yearly Charts, Results attained by the music, how much buzz the songs created)

  • 2004: TVXQ “Hug”
  • 2005: TVXQ “Rising Sun”
  • 2008: TVXQ “Mirotic”

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