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[PRESS PICS] 140831 JYJ ‘JUST US’ Concert in Vietnam

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[SCANS] Tohoshinki - VOGUE Japan 2014 October Issue

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140823 JYJ Concert in Beijing - Talk [x]

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140823 - Jaejoong: The Return of the King in Beijing

  • *There are more pics on JYJ3.*

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140816 Jaejoong - The Return of the King in Hong Kong

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[HQ PRESS PICS] JYJ ‘JUST US’ Concert in Beijing

Credit: topstarnews


FAN ACCOUNTS] JYJ After the Concert~

*JJ went for massage, his bodyguard saw the masseuse lady pulled a cart with cupping, (JJ probably did that so he didn’t take off his shirt)
*the massage therapist is a girl, luck must be on her side
*yesterday Jaejoong drink till 3am plus, then go for a massage [大锤的头哥]

*[fanaccount from JJ bodyguard] JJ can really drink, they bring in like 5 bottles of niu lan shan (china alcohol) n a few bottle of red wine
*Yoochun is a bit drunk, he is like ‘anyeonghaseyo’ to the bodyguards, they don’t know what to do so they just bowed at him

*they have like signals for JJ when he had his massage
if JJ raised his thumb, it means to go harder
if he raised 2 fingers, it means softer

*JYJ hotel rooms are filled with kimchi instant noodles, lotte potato chips and fried chicken. hmmm did they even eat a proper meal?

*the bodyguard who is also a yunho fan said Jaejoong smelled good lol
*how bodyguard oppa describes Jaejoong: his legs are long and straight, white skin, sharp eyes, he smelled quite good, quite good looking

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